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Hydrotek™ Hardwood

Hydrotek™ Waterproof Hardwood

One of the toughest things about purchasing flooring for your home is choosing from the many options available. Which one will be the most durable? Which is the most visually appealing? Thankfully, with advancements in technology changing every day, impressive new flooring options are coming out often. You can now get hardwood flooring that suits your most specific design needs as well as flooring that is strong and sturdy. Hydrotek has both the beauty and charm of hardwood, along with the strength and versatility of top hard-surface options. It is beautiful, adaptable to almost any design, and it echoes elegance in its looks, while also proving to be perfect for homes with pets, children, and messy guests.



Waterproof Hardwood

How is it possible that hardwood can also be waterproof? Hydrotek is constructed with a few different materials to make it 100% waterproof. It has an SPC core and wood veneers that are sealed on every side, so that liquid cannot penetrate through the surface, sides, or through the bottom. Plus, the locking system of the flooring will not allow moisture to seep below the surface. Whether it’s a humid summer or the moisture in your kitchen is rising, you can rely on Hydrotek to stay in place. It won’t swell, contract, or crack when exposed to these kinds of changes in temperature, proving itself an easy to maintain option for many areas of your home.


Hydrotek is also perfect for homes with pets and children. It won’t wear or scratch thanks to its UV aluminum oxide finish, just another reason why Hydrotek is such a popular product!



Hydrotek™ Styles

Along with the many features of Hydrotek, it is also available in many styles. Genuine hardwood options usually include white oak, red oak, hickory, maple, pine, and walnut, and Hydrotek is no different. Whether you want the deep brown tones of a dark forest, or you prefer the light, airy golden hues, you can find a style for you in the Hydrotek brand.


To learn more about Hydrotek, stop by our showroom in College Point, NY, today! We are proud to be your local flooring provider for Queens, NY.

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