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Hardwood and Humidity

Hardwood and Humidity

Are you in the market for new solid or engineered hardwood floors? If so, you’ve probably wondered how hardwood can be affected by changes in the weather and humidity levels. It’s true that hardwood is naturally altered with humidity, but having the right expectations and knowledge about how you can keep moisture levels down will help to lessen the possible affects. At Queens Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help you understand why hardwood changes, as well as how to make it work in your home! You’ll be a pro in no time, and we’ll make sure you have no fears about hardwood before it’s installed permanently in your home.



Moisture and Hardwood

What many people don’t know is that hardwood floors always carry some level of moisture. Even after the trees are chopped down and the wood is dried, there is still about 7-8 percent humidity in the wood. Because changes in weather mean changes in moisture levels in the air, the moisture levels in your solid or engineered hardwood will also change. This is especially noticeable in the middle of the hot summer as humidity levels rise, and in the dead of winter, when there is the least amount of humidity in the air. 



Protecting Your Floors from Humidity

It is inevitable that solid or engineered hardwood floors will expand and contract. There is no reason to be alarmed – it is a natural process that is expected. One thing you can do to ensure your floors do not buckle or become damaged because of humidity is to have them installed by a professional. Our expert installers will make sure that the authentic wood floors have the right level of moisture before installing. They will also leave a gap around the edges of the floor to allow for expansion during the warmer months. 


Another thing you can do to keep your floors looking great is to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature. Keeping the house at above seventy degrees is an excellent way to keep hardwood floors from drastically changing when the weather outside fluctuates. 


At Queens Carpet One Floor & Home in College Point, we are proud to be your local hardwood flooring provider for Queens, NY.

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